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Kodi (Koko) Roberts

Gym Owner

Becoming a certified trainer and owner of Crave Fitness is something that I would have never imagined as a former version of myself. At my heaviest, I weighed 247 pounds. At the time my son was 10 months old and I was still wearing maternity pants. I remember just always feeling bad, being tired and irritable. I was a selfless mom and was feeling my age – I accepted this as my new normal. 


A good friend told me about a six week boot camp. I didn’t realize at the time that she could see my life and weight spiraling out of control. With her encouragement, I signed up and told myself that this would be the solution to getting my life back. I pulled tires, held planks, and did sit ups like a mad woman. I had to modify everything, but I wanted this and was working harder than I ever had before. When I looked at the scale at the end of the program, I hadn’t lost a single pound. At that moment I realized I had two options, either give up or keep going. Looking back, I realize how off my expectations were – I was finally moving, but I didn’t have a plan and wasn’t working on the real reasons for my cravings and overeating. After bootcamp, I tried a bit of everything, from group fitness classes…to hiring a personal trainer…to running the track and bleachers on my lunch break… to using just the elliptical and the treadmill…joined Weight Watchers…tried juicing my way to a thinner self…. I ended up in the hospital after sending my body into Rhabdomyolysis, a life threatening condition.  


As I laid in the hospital, receiving treatments to prevent my kidneys from failing, I knew that I had a fight on my hands and a family that needed me – a healthy me. I found strength that I never knew I had and told myself, this is not how I am ending this journey – lifeless in a hospital bed. This self-talk was a huge factor in keeping me going and becoming the person I am today. I found Crossfit and bacake a CFL1 Instructor, Certified in Kettlebells and Kids Crossfit. I found fun in fitness and want to inspire you! It all started with a class in 2014 and by the grace of God, 10,000 classes under my belt and I love working with so many different types of bodies and athletes at all levels watching weight loss, healing, emotional barriers and strength gains! 


Today I am strong and healthy and so thankful for every step and misstep along the way! A journey that has not only changed me on a physical level, but also an emotional and spiritual level. Plus I met you! I named CRAVE Fitness studio after all those cravings that are so powerful and stand between us and our goals. Understanding my cravings and the real reasons behind my overeating was essential to my success.


I want to help you find that version of you that you understand better and have been searching for. Together, we will set realistic expectations and will introduce you to a supportive workout environment with others who have shared the same fears and unknowns. I found my passion in kettle bells and HIIT training and strength training which all ultimately helped in my weight loss. I look forward to helping you find your passion that will guide you in your success. The way I see it, if you are reading this - you have two choices. Either stick with what you are doing or call me and let's start this journey together!

Back Room Bars Full_edited.jpg

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