Kickboxing Instructor

Mary Busby

Mary was born and raised right here in Brenham Texas. As a girl, she was very shy, quiet even introverted. It was around middle school that her mother pushed for her to try something new, in hopes of coaxing her out of her little bubble. That is when Mary fell in love with Martial Arts! Mary loved to train hard and perfect her technique.She learned about self-defense, discipline, respect for herself as well as others,and much much more over the next few years. Her shyness turned into confidence.In 2002 she started training for her first degree black belt. This consisted of long training hours, helping teach classes of all ages and belt ranks, and mental focus. In March of 2003 Mary became the first student under her instructor to receive her  First Degree Black Belt!! She wore the title and the belt proudly. Sadly, within the next few years life got in the way, as it tends to do, and she had to step away from her passion. She graduated high school in 2006. Went on to  have a family, with a full time job. Ended up getting laid off for a little over a year, and decided it was time to once again try something new. So this time she went for something once again out of her comfort zone, Cosmetology. She went to Charles and Sues for a year, Graduated in 2013. And passed all of the state board exams to become a licensed  Cosmetologist. After 2 years behind the chair, Mary realized this was not her true calling. Although she loved her clients, she decided to  take a job that allowed her to be home with her family during the evenings and weekends. However, this new job meant a lot of sitting, something she was not used to after being on her feet for 2 years. A little while later she posted on social media asking for an accountability partner to help keep her on track with meal planning and working out. Little did she know the person to answer her post  would eventually lead her to a new gym. A gym where the classes challenge you and the atmosphere just pulls you in. That gym is Crave! It was what she had been missing, the kickboxing class just called to her. Kettlebell and rowing classes, all new ways of working out that she had not tried before. Mary is now a certified Kickboxing Instructor with ISSA and is ready to share her passion with you at CRAVE.

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