8:30AM Morning Revolutions (Circuit Training)

12:00PM CRAVE Cou·ture 

5:30PM CRAVE 9



12:00PM Functional Yoga

5:30PM CRAVE 9


8:30AM Morning Revolutions (Circuit Training)

12:00PM CRAVE Cou·ture

5:30PM CRAVE 9



12:00PM CRAVE Cou·ture




8:30AM Morning Revolutions (Circuit Training)

12:00PM CRAVE Cou·ture

5:30PM CRAVE 9




(We will be closed these days)
















Morning Revolutions

An interval-style circuit training class to get your blood pumping in the morning. Using body weights, lightweights interval and timed training on a circuit set up including metabolic conditioning to burn those calories! Sometimes you will do strength training. this class is versatile and will get your day started right!


CRAVE Cou·ture

Targeted body sculpting paired with cardio delivering metabolic conditioning. In this class, we teach you how to use the mind-muscle connection, gain strength and athletic speed. This training targets fat by sculpting specific muscle groups lowering your metabolic age, training to be healthy from the inside out. The results are phenomenal and custom-tailored for you!



In this class, expect to have a variation of training as we like to constantly confuse the body to promote weight loss and build lean muscle! High-Intensity Interval Training Utilizing one of the nine fundamental movements, empowering you with bar work and functional fitness.



This is a calorie-burning full-body conditioning class that adds strength and speed from head to toe. In this full-body weight training class, you build strength and lean muscle by performing different types of movements using bodyweight, kicking, punching and martial arts style training! This class helps you to define, tone and target muscle groups. You will get an awesome, effective workout and lean toned body with this cardio kickboxing class! Led by a black belt instructor, form and technique is coached and abs and therapy (by punching the heavy bag) are an added bonus!


CRAVE Functional Yoga (Bring a mat)

With an emphasis on functional movement, mobility, visualization, intention and breath awareness. Seeking to give a compliment to a well-rounded weekly fitness routine. Balance your fiery strength gains with a calm, yin and amazing mobility. On the agenda of our full-length hour-long classes, we use guided breathing, and relaxation techniques to internally feel and let go of habitual tension, anxiety, and stress. Releasing locked shoulders, tight hips and lower back. These classes are the perfect antidote for a busy mind, or a tired body. Relieve stress, and increase flexibility, mobility, and energy, all while making your joints feel better! This class will help you gain the fluidity needed to advance in the other CRAVE classes, adding the perfect balance. Beginner to Advanced, no yoga experience necessary. This practice is mental and physical. Restorative and purposeful poses are held comfortably for just the right length of time, completely supported by yoga blocks that will be provided.

(Please bring your own yoga mat to class.)

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What is CRAVE? CRAVE Fitness Studio is a boutique fitness studio featuring hybrid group exercise classes and private training.

Offering Group fitness classes, We have what you CRAVE

Functional strength training

Strength training 

Private Training

High-Intensity Interval Training



Yoga and Core Training

Metabolic and cardio Conditioning

We commit ourselves to clients and team members 100% – always giving our best.

We expect them to commit 100% to themselves, clients, and each other to be the best and most healthy people they can be. We are committed to the vision, mission, code of values, and success of our gym its current and future team, and its clients at all times.


Our mission is to empower you!

Classes are led by caring trainers who strive to empower you to a healthier lifestyle. Every person we train will move closer to becoming the person they want to achieve to be by reaching for goals continuously, as we help with knowledge, diligence, self-growth and inspiring and teaching each athlete, fitness individualized to a person's goals and needs. We do this by creating awareness, which gives people the freedom to choose a healthier life, one full of energy and joy. This is done one step at a time giving the client a chance to adjust to the changes, emotionally, mentally and physically.






You are truly responsible for your actions and outcomes. You own everything that takes place in your life. This means you live a life above the line, no excuses, no blaming, and no denial. You are accountable for your results and success. You know that for things to change, you must first change. 



I am committed to empowering others health through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices. Empowerment is more than helping someone. It is giving them the power, knowledge and confidence to make healthy choices on their own. 



I always speak the truth and I keep my word. I am wise in my commitments so I do not over-commit myself. I only ever make an agreement with myself and others that I’m willing and intend to keep. I communicate potentially broken agreements at the first opportunity and I clear up all broken agreements immediately. 



I teach others awareness so they can live a life free to choose health and energy, rather than being trapped in the vicious cycle that keeps them overweight and depressed. I give people the freedom of choice to live their lives to the fullest. 



I strive to exceed my clients expectations at all times providing services that have much greater value than the investment made by the client. 



I am a team player and a team leader. I do whatever it takes to stay together,  team goals. I am flexible in my work and I’m able to change if what I’m doing is not working. I asked for help when I needed and I am compassionate to others to ask me. “Together everyone achieves more”... this is my team motto, understanding that I may have to sacrifice individual benefit for the good of the team at all times. 



I commit to give clear communication to both clients and team members. Truthful communication will create solid, encouraging relationships. I speak with good purpose using impowering a positive conversation. I greet and say goodbye to people using their names. I always apologize for any upsets first and then look for a solution. I only ever discuss concerns in private with the person involved.



I will trust team members and clients, always thinking the best of them and less they prove otherwise. I expect to receive that same trust from clients and my team members. 



I teach clients that health fitness and a healthy lifestyle can be fun by incorporating activities that they enjoy to do on their own or with loved ones. 



I provide accountability to ensure clients stay on track to reach their goals. I challenge clients to push through their comfort level and do it they never thought was possible.   



I am consistent in my actions so my clients and team members can know what to expect for me. I am disciplined in my work so my results, growth, and success are consistent. I teach my clients that consistency over the long-haul is the key to life long health and fitness. Change happens 1% at a time. 



I encourage clients to create balance in their new healthier lifestyles. It’s important to take time for yourself and your health before you can take care of others. I strive to be a living example of balance. 


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